According to Safety Reports, most crimes happen at night, disguised by the cover of darkness. The conventional camera can’t catch more details when in dark environment. Also, the fact that conventional cameras typically alert after things happen, which hardly makes a deterrent.

As a world leading video surveillance manufacturer, Uniview has been developing new products to solve these industry challenges. The series of Tri-Guard integrates Smart Intrusion Prevention (SIP) , ColorHunter and Active Deterrence into one IP camera. It can not only alert when events happen, but also get color information in low-light environment.


Active Deterrence

The active deterrence function can achieve that once a stranger enters the view of the camera, the strobe light will be triggered and the built-in speaker make sounds that fit different scenes to interrupt suspicious activities. There are 3 different modes: IR mode displays the scene in black-and-white; warm light mode which can keep scene in color; and dual-light mode, if nothing happened, it keeps black and white image, and if there is a stranger entering the scene, the light will flash and change colored image from black and white.


Smart Intrusion Prevention

In security monitoring, most users only need to pay attention to real events: alarms triggered by people and vehicles. UNV Smart Intrusion Prevention (SIP) filters false alarm and allows people and vehicle classification to focus only on interested targets.



The ColorHunter Technology is an innovative technology that will turn on the warm LED Light and deliver vivid and colorful image in ultra-low light condition. Coupled with a supplemental light for extremely dark scenarios, ColorHunter cameras guarantee video with colorful details whenever you need them.


Two Lights

Tri-guard series has two lights on the equipment. The two lights can be used as IR Light for IR mode, and also can be used as warm LED light aiding ColorHunter. Because of the dual-light design, the camera can catch more details of views to improve accuracy of Smart Intrusion Prevention (SIP) at night. In addition, the lights that is always on also have a deterrent effect.

Dual-way talk

Furthermore, built-in MIC and speaker make it easy for remote conversation. It helps the guards to monitor and control more areas on time with camera itself without addtional speakers. What’s more, the camera can support customized language and voice by customer, which makes it more flexible and interesting.

24/7 protection

Powered by ColorHunter technology, it has an excellent low-light sensor with a minimum illumination of 0.003 lux. It can deliver clear and colorful images in low-light environments. Featuring a 4x optical zoom motorized lens, the cameras are able to catch more details.


The camera is suitable for any time of the day especially at night, feasible for no parking area, dangerous area, construction site and no-entry area etc.

CCTV Camera Dubai

Uniview Camera (UNV) provides reliable networks and surveillance solutions for hospitality, education, retail, office, and more—all over the world. Comprehensive products for any situation, even design products customized for specific needs. The Uniview product portfolio includes IP security cameras, NVR’s, video encoders/decoders, and video management software and other accessories.With the continuous development of the IP video surveillance market, Uniview Camera  constantly enriches its product line. Uniview Camera products have actually been set up in numerous projects for industry, including public security as well as management, website traffic control, train, schools, intelligent structures, and so on. The Uniview philosophy is targeted at meeting customer needs in a participating and also ingenious group with outstanding support, competence, and best expert monitoring.

IP Camera

As a leading security camera service provider, Uniview can meet your security needs in different scenarios. Our IP cameras renders high-quality images even in low illumination environment while featuring smart functions based on video content analytics, and minimizing bandwidth and storage. The most important business value of them is to provide excellent performance at an affordable price.

Thermal Camera

Thermal cameras detect infrared radiation from wavelength 8μm to 14μm, and convert it into a thermographic images using differences in heat, making it visible regardless of lighting conditions. Thermal camera is widely used in applications such as perimeter security and over-heating detection.

UNV Switchs

Data transmission in surveillance industry is important. When transferring data from one device to another, Uniview’s network cables and switches take precautions to ensure the safety and stability of your data by building a whole surveillance system.


Uniview provides three different specifications of VMS products for overseas users, namely VMS-B180-A, Unicorn, and VMS-B800-A. They offer a comprehensive solution by connecting other UNV products, such as IPC, NVR, decoder, network keyboard, access control host, alarm host, etc. The software deployment is simple, stable and reliable. They can not only be widely used in LAN-based application scenarios such as residential area, building, campus, hotel and shopping mall, but also in WAN-based application scenarios such as chain store and bank. UNV VMS devices can easily solve the problems caused by decentralized management.

PTZ Camera

Uniview provides a rich selection of PTZ cameras to meet different customer requirements. In order to track the target in motion and keep it in the scene all the time, PTZ camera needs to control the pan/tilt/zoom actions accurately. Once a detection is triggered, the camera can zoom in and then track the target automatically. Besides, the Positioning System are the perfect choice for monitoring large open areas such as border security, harbor, and city monitoring project, thanks to its strong robustness and stability.

Network Storage

With 15-year experience in research and development of storage, Uniview has integrated a wide range of options from 16 bays to 60 bays, and also from single controller to dual controller. Uniview’ professional storage forms a comprehensive solution for video surveillance storage and meets different scenarios of video data storage requirements.

Network Video Recorder

UNV NVR includes Easy, Prime and Pro series, which can be adapted to different application scenarios. UNV NVR has high quality genes to ensure the reliability of devices and the whole system, focusing on user experience to simplify every operation process.

Digital Video Recorder

UNV XVR features high performance, reliability and usability. It innovatively provides beneficial functions including wonderful capability of CVI/TVI/AHD/CVBS/IP by connecting with UNV cameras. Except for the powerful access, UNV XVR also supports smart functions and focuses on usability to help users get more efficient and smoother operation.